Welcome to my kinetic thoughts

This blog is an online journal for my teaching and research practice into Contact Improvisation. I’m interested in using the html to try and collect my reflective processes in a more 3-Dimensional way; being able to connect, organise then view emerging and reoccurring ideas via the use of tags. Hopefully, allowing these kinetic thoughts a little more movement.

These musings make somewhat of an ever-emerging cyber-tapestry, however the weave does not always emerge in a linear fashion. The parts of the tapestry that you can see (publicly) are those musing that seem close to, if not fully, realised. Yet, there are a number of frayed edges and holes – private posts of half-thoughts or unrealised musings – waiting to be filled-in when I have the time.
The best way to keep up-to-date on the latest weaving, or holes patched, in the tapestry is to subscribe to the rss feed.

You can explore particular weaves of the tapestry using the Tag Cloud on the the sidebar – it gives an interesting visual representation of the composition of the tapestry. Or investigate a time-region of the weave by way of the calendar archive. Or just get stuck into the whole of it here.
Comments, or email responses, are welcomed.

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